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Erwin End User License Agreement

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6.1 Customer. The Erwin Unscathed Client, its suppliers and licensors and assumes them from all claims, costs, losses, losses, commitments and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and fees) arising from or related to a claim that, if applicable, would constitute a breach of the Client`s obligations under Section 2 or 4 of this Agreement. In the event that Erwin is required to seek legal action to enforce the recovery of the amounts owed under this agreement, the client undertakes to reimburse all additional costs associated with the recovery of this outstanding amount, including reimbursement of collection and legal costs. 4.1. Given the rights, the customer must pay Erwin or his authorized reseller the amounts specified in the Customer Service Order (“Fee”) for the number of authorized users allowed to access the Service. Erwin reserves (among other rights and remedies) the right to suspend access to the Service if the Customer Erwin or his authorized reseller does not pay for the Service. Unless Erwin decides otherwise, all comments, comments, information or documents transmitted by or in connection with websites are considered non-confidential and erwin property. By forwarding these comments, comments, information or documents to Erwin, you agree to grant Erwin all rights, titles and interests from around the world on copyrights and other intellectual property rights over comments, feedbacks or documents to Erwin. Erwin is free to use, copy or broadcast unrestricted comments, feedbacks, information or materials without having to be aware. The software also allows users to generate data models through reverse engineering of existing databases based on different formats. [33] Another feature is Erwin`s ability to create reusable design standards: “including designation standards, data type standards, model models and more.” The software contains several features to change the presentation of the data model, including options for different colors, fonts, diagrams, themes and layouts. [34] 9.

ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS. With the exception of other authorized users received by the Customer pursuant to Section 8, erwin is not bound by subsequent conditions or other obligations contained in an order, receipt, acceptance, confirmation or other correspondence of the Customer, unless Erwin has expressly committed to it in writing and countersigned by its agent. The parties may, at any time, complete the terms of this agreement by signing a written endorsement which, at the time of execution, is considered to be taken up by this reference.

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