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Individual Flex Time Agreement

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In 2003, the UK government introduced legislation[30] that allowed parents of children under the age of 6 or parents of children with disabilities under the age of 18 to require their employer to have a flexible working arrangement. A 2005 survey by the Office for National Statistics[31] showed that 71% of women and 60% of men were aware of the rights created by the 2003 legislation. Between 2003 and 2005, more than 14% of all workers had applied to work flexibly. Since April 2007, the right to flexible work has also applied to caregivers. Workers consistently felt that flexibility in the workplace was important as compensation and promotion. Employers are often willing to reward workers with flexible hours because it is easier and cheaper to implement it than increases and promotion of workers. The likelihood of workers remaining in a more flexible workplace, as it allows for better work-life balance, is higher. Women tend to appreciate the benefits of sliding schedules better than men, but both report a higher level of happiness with this policy. Flextime can also play a role in reducing health costs, stress and burnout.

In some industries and disciplines, such as information technology, flexible hours allow workers to change their schedules. For example, they can work four 10-hour days a week, with Mondays or Fridays being free. Another schedule is to work nine hours days from Monday to Thursday, an eight-hour day on Friday, both Friday free. Some U.S. government agencies allow employees to work on such a schedule and call it an Alternative Work Plan (AWS). [35] Workers can coordinate their days off so that their duties are properly covered. Both employers and workers have expressed interest in a more flexible workday to balance work needs with family needs, Howard said. Workers who work more than 35 hours a week with the same employer can now, with the agreement of their employer, voluntarily enter into an individual agreement on flexible hours. Other workers may decide to come early, for example.

B 5 or 6 a.m., and leave in the afternoon, or enter late and therefore leave late. One of the advantages of such a schedule is that shuttle hours occur outside of peak traffic congestion within a given geographic region. Flextime arrangements also help parents: one parent works 10 .m. – 18 .m. and is responsible for children before school/daycare, while the other parent works 7 a.m – 15 .m and is responsible for children after school/daycare. This gives parents time to commute. [36] Flexibility is also beneficial for trained workers.

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