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Master Service Agreement Em Portugues

Dic 12, 2020 by     No Comments    Posted under: Sin categoría

(a) This agreement begins on the reference date and applies until the termination (i) referred to in point 4 (b); (ii) by the written agreement of the parties; or (iii) by handing over a written termination by one of the parties to the other party after the completion of the performance or the closing of all work orders subject to the agreement, in accordance with its terms. Unless expressly provided otherwise by a work order, services will be suspended at the end of the agreement and the client will immediately cease to use the scholarships offered by this agreement. (e) full agreement. This agreement contains the full, comprehensive and exclusive agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. This agreement replaces all agreements, agreements, assurances, guarantees, proposals, proposals and negotiations, if any, relating to the purpose of this agreement. (a) Intralinks owns and retains, between the parties, all rights, titles and interests on and services, all elements, including, but not limited to, all applications associated with, UI design, processes, software and sources, as well as any future improvements or changes that will be made independently and to all intellectual property rights related to them. The customer and its end-users can only use the services for commercial purposes. The customer must not (i) untangle, disassemble, distribute, distribute, make services available or otherwise use; (ii) modify or create derivative works based on services; (iii) access to services to create, operate or make available a competitive product or service; (iv) to use the services in a manner inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement. The customer accepts, on behalf of its users and end-users: to the extent that the mandatory laws in force (for example. B, the national laws transposing the EC 91/250 Directive on the Legal Protection of Computer Programs) give the client the right to carry out one of the above activities without the agreement of Intralinks, in order to obtain certain information on services before exercising such rights, to first request this information from Intralinks in a written opinion specifying the purpose for which the information is used. Only if Intralinks rejects such a request at its sole discretion will the customer or its end-users exercise these legal rights.

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