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Ministry Of Education Integration Agreements

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State-integrated schools are created by an integration agreement between the Crown and the owners of the private school to be integrated. Each integration agreement defines the particular character of the school, which is generally a religious or philosophical belief. Of the 331 schools integrated by the state, 238 are Catholic schools (i.e. Catholicism is their special character) [7], with the local Catholic diocese or religious institute acting as the owner. Other 93 schools include Anglicans, Presbyterians, Non-denominational Christians, Montessori and Waldorf (Steiner). The integration agreement consists of two successive modules. With the issuance of certain residence permits, only compliance with Module 1 becomes mandatory. State-integrated schools may give preference to enrollment to students who identify themselves or through their parents with the particular character of the school. [13] Each licensee determines what is required for preferential registration.

For all Catholic schools and most other religious schools, a letter from the priest of the student or parent parish is required for privileged enrollment, and obtaining such a letter generally requires some confession to religion, for example.B. Catholic priests generally require a minimum baptism of the student (or at least one of the parents) in the Catholic faith. After all the preferred enrolments, schools can accommodate a limited number of non-preferential pupils (usually no more than 5 to 10% of their total role), up to the maximum academic role defined in the school integration contract. [12] [14] A copy of the supplementary integration contract is made available free of charge to a citizen in enquiries.national@education.govt.nz or www.education.govt.nz. The Integration Agreement aims to integrate third-country nationals legally established in Austria and aims to acquire language skills and advanced German knowledge of the democratic system and the fundamental principles that flow from it. The basic knowledge of German for the use of the basic language is necessary to obtain a residence permit before entry.

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