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Podemos Psoe Agreement

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“As I said on election night after hearing the results, what was a historic opportunity in April has become a historic necessity,” said the head of Unidas Podemos, who will become deputy prime minister in the agreement. “I am pleased to announce today, with Pedro Sénchez, that we have reached a tentative agreement on the formation of a progressive coalition government that combines the psOE`s experience with the courage of Unidas Podemos.” Discussions between PSOE leaders and Unidas Podemos began on Monday evening in secret. It was only this morning, when the provisional agreement was already under way, that socialist sources were made public. “As I said on election night after hearing the results, what was a historic opportunity in April has become a historic need. I am happy to be here with Pedro Sanchez to sign a provisional agreement to form a progressive government in Spain,” said Mr Iglesias. MPs Sénchez and Iglesias have pledged to ensure that they have a sufficient majority in Parliament, not only to support their coalition agreement and appoint the government, but also to govern the country for the next four years. “The Spanish people have spoken and it is now in agreement with the parties to respond to their will,” said Sanchez, who described the agreement as “exciting.” “We have reached an interim agreement on the formation of a progressive coalition government in Spain, which combines the experience of the PSOE with the courage of Unidas Podemos,” said Mr. Iglesias. The president of the main opposition People`s Party, Pablo Casado, today informed party leaders of the prior agreement at a meeting of the group`s national executive committee. PP sources said the agreement between Sanchez and Iglesias frees the party from pressure to help the PSOE form a government and paves the way for responsible opposition.

Pp, according to the same sources, is the “only alternative” to Senchez. Only two months ago, he said he could have trouble sleeping if he had Podemos ministers in his government, said the differences of the past no longer matter. Spain`s interim Prime Minister and Socialist Party President Pedro Sanchez (l.) greets the leader of the left-wing Podemos party, Pablo Iglesias (R), when he signs a pre-agreement to form a coalition government after the parliamentary elections on 10 November 2019, at the congress of deputies in Madrid, Spain, on 12 November 2019. Two days after the elections, the Spanish Socialist Party and Podemos announced a pre-agreement to form a government. The Socialist Party, which won the elections with 120 seats, will need more support than Podemos`s 35 seats to win. [Paco Campos/EFE] Executive Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and leftist Unidas Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias have signed a tentative agreement to form a coalition government after Sunday`s parliamentary elections in Spain. Despite months of negotiations between the parties for an agreement after the April elections, the two leaders reached the agreement less than 48 hours after Sunday`s vote. After failing to reach an agreement with Unidas Podemos after the April elections, he declared new elections in the hope of improving his score and having a stronger position for possible negotiations. “The agreement we are presenting today was not possible after the last election, although we were on the verge of it; We are aware of the disappointment this has caused for progressive voters,” Senchez told reporters. The agreement casts the prospect of ending the political impasse, as the two leaders conducted lengthy and fruitless negotiations after the April elections. The spokeswoman for Ciudadanos (Renew Europe) in parliament, Inés Arrimadas, said that the head of the Socialist government could still correct and reach a “moderate and constitutional” agreement with them and the PP.

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