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Rnca Agreement

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10. The power to conclude an agreement includes the power to amend that agreement, but if the vice-governor`s agreement in the Council is necessary to reach an agreement, the amendment agreement is also required by the Deputy Governor of the Council. Under the new agreement, a police officer who receives parental and maternity benefits may receive more than 90% of his weekly salary per week for up to 17 weeks of leave. The agreement provides for new parental and maternity benefits and eliminates the reseding of civil servants. 1. Short Title 2. Definitions PART ICONSTABULARY 3. Constabulary continued to 4. Police chief and officials mandated 5. Oath or confirmation PART IIADMINISTRATION 6. Administration 7. Responsibilities of constabulary 8.

Functions of police officers 9. Conventions in good standing 10. Amendment powers 11. Advice, committees and councils 12. Payments 13. Recruitment 14. Trial period 15. Restrictions 16. Special Agents 17. Retained services PART III PUBLIC COMPLAINTS 18.

Complaints Commission 19. Commissioner duties 20 officers. – Investigators and collaborators 21. Chief 22. Public Complaints 22.1 The Commissioner does not respond to certain complaints.23 Communication 24. First survey 25. Discipline and call 26. Survey and comparison by the Commission 27. Investigative powers 28. Dismissal or reference to a warrant officer 29. Parties to Procedure 31. Procedure and powers of the adjudicator 32.

Public hearings 33. Warrant Officer Order 34. Nomination registration 35. Recommendations 36. Appeal to the Criminal Department 37. Preferred information and protection from prosecution 38. Publication of order 39. Annual report 40. 41. Record employment 42.

Discipline by chef and alternative service 43. The procedure has been suspended PART IVLABOUR RELATIONS 44. Interpretation 45. Prohibited strikes 46. Collective bargaining 47. Referee 48. Implementation of Arbitration 49. Rep.

2000 c31 s1 51. Rep. 2000 c31 s1 51. Rep. 2000 c31 s1 PART VMISCELLANEOUS and REGULATIONS 54. Illegal disposal of devices, etc. 55. Regulation 57.1 Formr.

58. No bar for other actions 59. 64. RSN 1990 cSN 1990 65. Start 12. (1) Payments made by or on behalf of the crown under this Act or in the application of this Act or regulations are made if payment is not provided for by another statute. , paid by the Minister of Finance to the province`s consolidated revenue fund. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Association and the provincial government have agreed on a contract. It also notes that the RNCA collective agreement has expired since June 2016, as benefits or allowances have not changed since then. 54.

1. A police officer or any other person may not throw, receive, buy, sell, or possess a vehicle, firearms, clothing or other objects used for the purpose of the constitution, or refuse to provide a vehicle, firearms, clothing or other objects used for the purpose of the constitution, if legitimately necessary. (4) 1. The Deputy Governor of the Council appoints a commanding officer of the constabulary, known as the Chief of Police and who, under the direction of the Minister, has general control and management of the constabulary and its members. 42. (1) Notwithstanding this party, the master or his delegate may, under the regulations, take into account disciplinary matters that do not arise from a Section 22 appeal. Note: All pdfs at the bottom left are PDFs and open in a new window. 11. The Minister may establish committees, committees and boards deemed necessary or desirable to assist and advise the Minister in the management of this Legislation and appoint members of those committees, committees and councils.

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