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Regional Trade Agreement Information System

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To the extent that atRAs go beyond WTO commitments and remain open to further participation by countries committed to their standards, they can complement the multilateral trading system. Over the years, the OECD has examined the relationship between regional trade agreements and the multilateral trading system, including specific policy areas addressed by ATRs, such as agricultural addressing, technical regulations, compliance standards and procedures, investment rules on international technology transfer, integration of environmental considerations and approaches to market opening in the digital age – to name a few. By default, the information provided by the RTA database relates to the notified RTAs that are still in force, but it is also possible to obtain information about inactive RTAs using the “Search by Criteria” function: select “inactive” in the status of the agreement and generate the search. By default, the information provided by RTA-IS relates to the notified RTAs that are in force, but it is also possible to obtain information on notified but not yet in force ATRs and on inactive RTAs. WTO rules stipulate that trade in goods and services is informed separately from trade in goods and services. The number of messages may therefore exceed the number of physical ATRs. The signatories to the agreement belong to at least two regions. The information is presented in the form of an “identity card” indicating all the information useful to a particular agreement: its signatories, the date of signature and its entry into force, a link to the website on which the text of the agreement and its annexes are listed, the WTO procedure that took place with regard to that agreement, etc. For the vast majority of ATRs, a list of the provisions of the RTA covered by the agreement is provided (a glossary indicating the approach chosen for each of the selected themes is available as a separate document).

Tariff and commercial data obtained by the parties for the establishment of the de facto submission are also included in the identity card. one. What information is available from RTA-IS? 5 The Organization of American States` SICE database contains information on trade policy in North and South America, including comprehensive drafts of trade agreements applicable to the 34 OAS member countries, new and ongoing trade developments, information on national trade laws and links to international sources of information , regional and national trade policy. Many ATRs contain elements that deepen regulatory cooperation and new market opportunities are created, even as participants address structural barriers in their own economies. Next-generation RTAs are working to go further. Countries wishing to participate in and benefit from global markets must increasingly integrate trade and investment measures into their broader national structural reforms. Indeed, countries may be able to use the current and future negotiations on the “beyond the border” regime as the engine of desired internal political reforms. The major structural question of whether, when and how to multilateralize the provisions in atRs is above all a political issue that governments must address.

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