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Unifor 594 Collective Bargaining Agreement

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REGINA — Unifor Local 594 members have voted to ratify an agreement accepted by the union`s bargaining committee that formally ends more than six months of conflict at the co-op refining complex. “It was union bankruptcies, it wasn`t about collective bargaining.” “Our members and their negotiating committee have resisted through a difficult, long and often hard negotiation process,” Jerry Dias, Unifor`s national president, said in a statement. “Ultimately, we were able to protect their pension security and achieve national wages, but this could have been achieved much earlier if Prime Minister Scott Moe`s mediation recommendations had been implemented. Email: treasurer@unifor594.com or mail. The Co-op has not spoken publicly since the preliminary agreement, but has issued a statement stating that the company is optimistic about reaching an agreement because the EU negotiating committee has provisionally accepted the agreement and will recommend it to its accession. Saskatchewan refining workers have ratified a preliminary agreement with Federated Co-operatives Ltd. that ends a six-month dispute over the company`s defined benefit pension plan. The refinery stated that the agreement is based on monetary aspects of its previous offer and a return-to-work agreement. Unifor said details of the agreement will not be published until Unifor 594 members vote for ratification.

The 730 members of Unifor 594 had been at the picket line since 5 December, but will return to work in the coming weeks, in accordance with the return-to-work contract of the new contract. The new collective agreement maintains the defined benefit pension plan and the company has adapted the business savings plan for existing workers. Unifor Local 594 members have ratified a preliminary agreement with Federated Co-Op to end the nearly seven-month lockout at the co-op refinery, with 89% of voters voting yes to the offer. REGINA – 594 unifor Local members have ratified a preliminary agreement with Co-op Refinery that ends a six-month lockout of 730 workers by Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL). “Our industry is evolving and we are just beginning to see how new regulatory requirements and external pressures will shape the future of our industry,” said Le Dressay. “We must all recognize that these changes are imminent. We will be better off facing this future as partners if we work together to achieve our common goals and interests. For more information, please contact Unifor Communications Representative Kathleen O`Keefe at kathleen.okeefe@unifor.org or 416-896-3303 (cell). He said that pickets now know how to lobby and plan to do so during the election campaign for the next provincial election, to change the rules of collective bargaining and help create what he calls “another Saskatchewan.” A statement from Federated Co-Op said the new contract is a seven-year contract that will ensure stable work at the refinery and that the more than 700 affected employees will return to their jobs in the coming weeks, in accordance with the return-to-work contract of the new contract. In a written statement sent Thursday morning, the union said it was working during negotiations to ensure that the return-to-work aspect of the agreement protects members from retaliation from Federated Co-operatives Limited.

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