The Game

With sum, substraction, multiplication and division operations you and your sons will increase mathematics capacity.

This game controls Romerito flying in his parachute and he must catch the star that contains the correct number to complete the operation that you can see in the screen bottom. Each time Romerito touch color pennants, he starts a new operation that the kid must solve. You will earns points that drive Romerito to a bonus stage.

In that bonus, Romerito changes the parachute for a pair of rockets and evading birds, tornados and meteors he will travel to the Moon.

Occasionally the game will be more complex.

Before start your game, you can configure difficulty, type of control (touch or accelerometers) and the type of operation (sum, substraction, multiplication, division or random)

With this new adventure of Romerito mathematics are more fun earning abilities, challenges and beating records.